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Our Services

We have earned the reputation of being  ‘Navy SEALs’ for life sciences digital transformation – the best at their craft & very effective in the toughest situations

Fluxa's unique consulting service offerings and technology accelerators for the life sciences industry is based on the team's extensive experience providing innovative digital transformation solutions to top bio-pharmaceutical companies. Fluxa stands out from the competition owing to our ability to successfully apply advanced analytics, IoT, cloud, edge, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions specifically to life sciences functions such as R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and marketing.
We leverage modern digital technologies to ensure our business-focused products can scale to meet the growing needs of bio-pharmaceutical companies, such as Internet of Things (IoT)-scale data, multi-source analytics, and cloud technologies.

Strategy & Discovery

  • Define and execute cross-functional digital transformation programs

  • Conduct Discovery to elaborate and prioritize use cases

  • Run PMO office to support multi-function transformation programs

Architecture Advisory

  • Create reference architecture for multi-source, multi-platform analytics

  • Conduct PoCs to confirm the right architecture, tools, approach, etc.

  • Advice on cloud and emerging technologies to optimize solution architectures

Analytical Solutions for Life Sciences

  • Design & build GMP-ready analytical solutions for on-premise and/or cloud

  • Create custom web and mobile applications for specific use cases

  • Delivered award-winning end-to-end analytical platforms across functions for life science companies

AI and ML for GMP

  • AI and ML platforms and solutions focused on GMP 

  • Next-gen. big data & AI architecture for pharma

  • Deep bench of data scientists/AI engineers who have experience making the theoretical a reality

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