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We are proud to be a part of Emerson.

Accelerating speed to market
for new therapies

Fluxa is redefining drug development and manufacturing for life sciences
using modern digital technologies.

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What We Do

Digital Solutions for Life Sciences

Our mission is to accelerate the speed to market for new therapies by helping drug development and manufacturing organizations harness the power of collaboration and data across sites, functions, and processes. We do this by providing software that is user-focused, domain-specific, and built on the latest digital technologies. Our deep understanding of how life science companies develop and manufacture drugs means that our applications are designed to fit seamlessly into the drug development and manufacturing process. Our products are based on modern technology architectures that enable easy scaling and provide the flexibility to integrate with other systems, giving your organization a holistic way of managing a drug’s lifecycle.


We are a team of digital transformation experts with a track record of leveraging leading edge technologies related to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, to change how life science companies operate.




Process and Knowledge Management

Our products help process development, clinical, and commercial manufacturing focus on scaling processes, conducting technology transfers, and working with process execution data so you can focus on what’s most important: improving scientific collaboration at scale.

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